Feb 222011

Wedged between two bricks in the wall the Warriors find a scroll with a faded map drawn on it.
Roll a D6:
1 The map is the bait to a clever trap. The map appears to show the location of a huge treasure hoard, and the Warriors eagerly follows its instructions. They have been duped, and are soon fighting for their lives! When the Wizard next rolls a 1 in the Power Phase, the trap is sprung. Instead of taking one Event card, the Warriors must take 1D6 Event cards! Keep this card to remind yourselves of your impending doom.
2 The map misleads the Warriors. Add another three Dungeon cards to the top of the current pile to see where this fake map leads them.
3-4 It is a map of the next dungeon room they enter showing where to find a hidden treasure. On completing the event in the next room they come to the Warriors take an extra item of Dungeon Room treasure. Keep this card nearby to remind you.
5 The map shows a route back to civilisation! If the Warriors keep this map, it will knock two weeks off their journey time when they next travel back to a Settlement.
6 Although badly faded, the map may still prove useful. The next time the Warriors come to a T-Junction and the Dungeon cards are split the leader can look at the top 1D3 cards of each pile. Keep the card nearby to remind you and discard immediately when used.
Take another Event Card immediately.

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