Feb 222011

The Warriors find an ornate sarcophagus in a secret alcove.
Take a Warrior counter to see who opens the sarcophagus. Roll a dice to see what that Warrior finds.
1-2 The Warrior gasps in sheer horror, and slams the lid shut. When he turns back to face the Warriors, his hair is pure white and he seems to have aged dramatically. He never tells what unspeakable horror he saw in the sarcophagus. He loses -1 from his Strength, permanently.
3-4 The sarcophagus is empty, but as the lid is slammed shut, a screeching alarm is heard in the darkness. Take another Event card now.
5 The sarcophagus contains precious stones worth 1D6x200 gold!
6 The sarcophagus contains hidden treasure – take a Treasure card. This does not count towards the total number of Treasure cards the Warrior has gained in this adventure.
Once one Warrior has opened the sarcophagus, another may try if he wishes.
Each Warrior can try once and once only.

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