Jul 012011
Warhammer Quest Dungeon Events - Trap! Cage

Warhammer Quest Dungeon Events - Trap! CageWith the clattering of chains and a load thump, a large steel cage drops from the ceiling, trapping a random Warrior.

While trapped the Warrior cannot move (obviously) but can still fight, cast spells, communicate, etc. Any attacks made against the trapped Warrior are at +2 to hit.
At the beginning of each turn the Warrior or another adjacent Warrior can try to break out of the cage, rolling a Strength test. The difficulty is dependant on the Warrior’s Battle Level

  1. 7+ Novice
  2. 8+ Champion
  3. 9+ Hero
  4. 10+ Lord

Add +1 to the roll for each additional Warrior that spends the turn helping. One test may be made per turn. If the test fails then the trapped Warrior and any others helping miss the turn. If it succeeds then the trapped Warrior is free and each can take their normal turn.
A Warrior can also attempt to pick the lock.

No treasure is gained for this event. Roll 1d6, on a roll of 1-3 draw another Event Card immediately.

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