Jul 012011
Warhammer Quest Dungeon Events - Trap! Firespray

Warhammer Quest Dungeon Events - Trap! FiresprayWithout warning, a nozzle on the wall starts to spray a thick liquid that ignites as soon as it hits the air, resulting in a column of flame!
Randomly select a Warrior. They receive 1D6 + Dungeon Level damage with normal modifiers. Each model adjacent receives 1D6 + half the Dungeon Level (rounded down) in damage.
Keep track of the space where the Warrior is standing. Each turn any model on that square will take another 1D6 + Dungeon Level damage and any adjacent model takes 1D6 + half the Dungeon Level. As soon as a 1 is rolled for damage, the trap is running low on fuel, and it will cease to function at the end of the turn.

No treasure gained for completing this event. Roll 1d6, on a roll of 1-3 draw another Event Card immediately.

Contributed by The Custodian

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