Feb 202011

The room is filled with loot – ancient armour and weapons, and chest filled with gold and gems. However, it is also guarded by fierce Monsters who have reinforcements nearby.
Draw the next TWO Event cards and resolve them as normal (work out ‘E’ type events before placing Monsters). If the Warriors manage to kill all of the guards, they search the room for treasure. This treasure is in addition to any gained for defeating the Monsters guarding the room. Whilst searching, a Warrior may do nothing else.
At the end of the turn, roll a D6 for each Warrior searching. On a roll of 6, the Warrior finds something useful and may take a Treasure card. On a roll of 1 an Unexpected Event occurs next turn, regardless of the Power roll. Note that only one Unexpected Event occurs, regardless of the Power roll and the number of ones rolled by searching Warriors.

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