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Gnoblar Fighters arm themselves with an assortment of broken bottles, swords, spear tips, false legs, fangweasels, pointy sticks and rusty daggers – basically anything they can lay their grubby little hands on.

Gnoblar Gnoblar Groinbiter
Wounds 2 5
Move 4 4
Weapon Skill 2 2
Ballistic Skill 4+ 4+
Strength 2 2
Toughness 3 3
Initiative 2 2
Attacks 1 2
Damage 1D6 1D6
Gold 20 60


Sharp Stuff; Sneaky

Gnoblar Groinbiter

Sharp Stuff; Sneaky; Groinbiter

Sharp Stuff

Any Gnoblar not in combat can make 2 S1 ranged attacks as they throw anything they can get their grubby little hands on


Gnoblars are dumb but not too dumb to realise that they are no threat next to an ogre. They have perfected the skill of attacking warriors that are too busy fighting their ogre masters, darting between the Ogres’ legs and stabbing at ankles, knees and other tender areas. A Gnoblar in base contact with any Ogre may attack as if he had a spear. When fighting in this way he may use the WS of the adjacent Ogre and hits ignore 1 point of armour.


These particular Gnoblars have developed an uncanny knack for striking a warrior in the tenderest of tender places; all attacks made by a Groinbiter ignore armour

Submitted By: G. Jones

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