Nov 042010

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Abandoned CampThe Warriors find what looks to be the camp of outlaws, brigands or cultists that looks abandoned.
If you decide to search the camp, each Warrior should roll 1D6:

  • 1-2: Your Warrior stumbles into a primitive trap and is badly hurt. You suffer -1 Movement for the next Adventure, start the game with D3 Wounds missing, and add one week to your journey time. The effects of this roll can be negated by paying a priestess of Shallya D6 * 10 Gold to tend to your wounds in the next Settlement instead of performing other activities that day.
  • 3-4: Your Warrior finds D6 * 25 Gold in equipment that he can sell in any Settlement.
  • 5-6: Your Warrior finds some stolen loot concealed under a loose stone, and may take one Treasure card.

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