Nov 032010

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - The Grey ManA mysterious robed figure greets your Warriors as you search a ruined town. Do the Warriors brave his approach?

Your Warrior may choose to greet the Grey Man in return, or flee the ruins adding 1 Week to their journey.
If the Warriors greet the Grey Man, they are unsettled by his appearance and general creepy demeanour but he seems to intend the Warrior no harm. The Grey Man claims to have knowledge of the future, and warns the Warriors of the next Adventure. At any one point in the next adventure, each Warrior may attempt to negate the effects of one Dungeon Room Event that reveals a Trap or the Portcullis Event.

To do this, roll 1D6:

  • 1-2: The Grey Man lied to you; work out the effects of the Event normally and further more any Warrior that is affected by the Event suffers -1 Toughness for the remainder of the Adventure as the advice they are given leads them into worse trouble.
  • 3-6: The Grey Man’s warning proves accurate, and the event is negated. Curiously, the Warriors find they are missing D6 * 10 Gold from each of their purses the next time they check…

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