Nov 052010

Sorcerer's TowerSet atop a stony crag in a remote area of the mountains, you find a small, ramshackle old tower. The door has long since collapsed, but who knows what treasures such a place may hide?

If the party decide to investigate the tower, roll 1D6 on the following table:

  • 1:  The tower is home to a foul, twisted sorcerer who wields terrible dark magic. He turns on the Warriors, and vomits forth a cloud of evil-looking black noxious gas. Faced with no alternative but to flee, each Warrior must desperately hold his breath as they struggle to make their escape. Roll a Toughness Test for each Warrior (1D6 + Toughness, 7+ to pass). Warriors who fail this test feel the life ebbing from their bodies and start the next Adventure with D6 Wounds missing.
  • 2-3: The tower is home to a shrivelled old Necromancer who immediately summons a horde of Zombies to kill those who would interfere with his work. Roll one dice for each Warrior and add them together, this is the number of Zombies attacking the Warriors. Roll another dice for each Warrior to see how many Zombies they kill. If the Warriors do not manage to slay all of the Zombies, then they are driven out of the Tower by the horde and loose a Starting Wound for the duration of the next Adventure due to the multitude if infected Zombie bites and scratches they suffer. If the Warriors succeed in killing all of the Zombies, they corner the Necromancer and push him out of his own tower to his death. They each find D6 * 50 Gold in valuables that they can sell in the next Settlement.
  • 4-5: The tower is deserted, and little remains of value amongst the rotten furniture. However, at the top of the tower they find the remains of a brass telescope and other stargazing artefacts. These can be sold in the next town or city the Warriors visit for D6 * 100 Gold to be split equally among the party.
  • 6: The tower is home to a mad old hermit who brews potions and salves. He will sell you his wares for a small price:
    • Healing Salve – Restores D3 Wounds. One use, then discard. 30 Gold.
    • Healing Herbs – Can be used by the Elf to brew healing potions, as per the rules given in the Elf Quarter in the Roleplay Book. 30 Gold.
    • Rabbit’s Foot Pendant – +1 Luck for the Warrior who wears it for as long as it is worn. 50 Gold.
    • D6 Dried Meats – As Provisions in the Roleplay Book. 50 Gold for the lot.

Each Warrior may buy a maximum of one of each item.

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