Jun 162011
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Druidic Circle
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Druidic CircleThere are sites of power dotted throughout the Old World dedicated to half forgotten spirits of earth and forest, of animal hunter. Such sites leak the very stuff of life into the world, restoring the weary traveller.

Roll 1d6 for each Warrior in the party, if they roll a 4+ they gain +1 Starting Wound permanently. A Warrior with a broken ankle or similar injury sustained on his travels will find it healed by the time they reach the settlement, and need not pay to have it rectified. In addition, each Warrior may negate the effects of one case of Poison or Plague that they are suffering from as the magic of the Circle leeches toxic substances from your blood.

Gigantic Spider

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