Nov 172010

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Rope Bridge | Imperial VaultA deep ravine blocks your path, the only crossing for miles around a slender rope bridge swaying in the breeze. Will you risk the crossing?

If the Warriors choose to risk the crossing roll 1d6 on the following table.

  • 1: As you cross, the wind picks up and the bridge starts to sway violently in the high winds, all Warriors loose one random item of equipment or treasure as they fight to stay on the bridge.
  • 2: When you are half way across, the rope is cut by a goblin who must have been waiting in the shadows. You must scramble for safety, add 1d3 weeks to the journey and each Warrior roll 1d6. On a 1 or a 2, they loose one item of equipment or treasure (their choice).
  • 3: A brigand threatens to cut the rope unless each warrior gives him gold. Each Warrior must pay 1d6 * 10 * the Dungeon Level gold. If any refuse, none of the Warriors have the opportunity to pay as the brigand cuts the rope and every Warrior scramble to safety, as above
  • 4:  Rotten boards – one warrior puts his foot through the rotten floor, and looses one item of equipment or treasure (their choice).
  • 5 – 6: Safe crossing. Nothing bad happens!

If the Warriors choose not to risk the crossing, add 1d3 weeks to their journey time.

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