Sep 062011
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Wolves

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - WolvesPursued by the howling of hungry wolves, you eventually find a sheltered outcrop to make your stand. As dusk settles, your pursuers track you down, eager for a meal, even one as difficult as armed Warriors…

Each Warrior is attacked by 1d6 Wolves. For each Wolf, the Warrior must make either a single To Hit roll against an opponent with WS 3, or a single To Hit roll with a missile weapon using their BS. There is a -1 To Hit penalty for using a missile weapon. If the Warrior is armed with a torch and passes an Initiative Test (1d6 + Initiative, 7+ to pass) then they may add +1 their To Hit rolls (discard the torch afterwards).
A miss indicates that the Warrior failed to drive off the Wolf before it savages the Warrior, who starts the next Adventure with -1 Starting Wound per miss unless they pay 1d6 x 50 Gold to a Healer in the next Settlement per point of Starting Wounds lost.

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