Sep 062011
Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Wolf Riders

Warhammer Quest Travelling Hazard - Wolf RidersAs night draws in you are to be found around the camp-fire, huddling in the warm embrace of the flames. Howls erupt from the darkness and suddenly the light of the fire seems precious little protection against the night. Into the light slink the unmistakable forms of a pack of Great Wolves, ridden by cunning-looking Goblins.

Each Warrior is attacked by 1d3+1 Wolf Riders. For each Wolf Rider, the Warrior must make either a single To Hit roll against an opponent with WS 4, or a single To Hit roll with a missile weapon using their BS. There is a -1 To Hit penalty for using a missile weapon. If the Warrior is armed with a torch and passes an Initiative Test (1d6 + Initiative, 7+ to pass) then they may add +1 their To Hit rolls (discard the torch afterwards).
A miss indicates that the Warrior failed to drive off the Wolf Rider before they savage the Warrior, who starts the next Adventure with -1 Starting Wound per miss unless they pay 1d6 x 50 Gold to a Healer in the next Settlement per point of Starting Wounds lost.

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