Feb 222011

Time drags slowly as the Warriors proceed upon their way. Eventually, one of the Warriors wipes his sweaty brow and exclaims, “How long have we been down here my friends? How long since we saw the light of day?” His companions shake their heads in confusion, as none of them has the faintest idea as to the answer. As they look about themselves, they realise that they are but shadows of their former selves, as time has mysteriously worked its way with them.
Each Warrior must roll a dice.
1 The Warrior is now old and grey, his eyes rheumy and his grip frail. He must deduct -1 from his Strength or Toughness, and 1D6 from his Starting Wounds.
2-5 Although there are a few grey flecks in his hair, the Warrior has not aged sufficiently to affect his battle worthiness.
6 Strangely, time has run counterclockwise. The Warrior is returned to the first flush of youth, a teenager in the prime of fitness. He gains +1 Strength or Toughness, plus an extra +1D6 Wounds.

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