Feb 212011

Three prisoners emerge from the shadows and run towards the Warriors, having escaped their captors. They look desperate, haggard and tortured, and beg for protection, explaining that they are wealthy merchants and will pay the Warriors richly once they are free.
If the Warriors let them join the party, make a note on the leader’s Adventure Record sheet that they are tagging along.
During combat the prisoners hide in the shadows, avoiding detection while the Warriors fight the Monsters. If the Warriors are killed, the prisoners are recaptured.
If the Warriors survive the dungeon, they may escort the prisoners to the nearest Settlement. Once there, roll 1D6 on the following table:
1 The prisoners are merchants, but denounce the Warriors as their kidnappers, demanding their arrest and recompense for their lost wealth. Each Warrior must pay 1D6 x 100 gold to escape the clutches of the militia.
2-6 The prisoners are merchants, and are true to their word, giving each Warrior 2D6 x 100 gold.
Roll 1D6. On a score of 1, 2 or 3 draw another Event card immediately.

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