Feb 202011

A scuttling mass of stinging, biting scorpions emerge from the darkness and engulfs one of the Warriors.
A scorpion swarm is a special form of Monster and its attack is resolved immediately. Randomly determine which Warrior is attacked by the swarm.
There are 12 scorpions in the swarm, but they are very small, and are not represented by miniatures on the board.
Roll your Warrior’s normal damage dice (1D6 + Strength) to see how many scorpions he kills with his attack – the number rolled is the number of scorpions he kills. Each scorpion killed is worth 5 Gold.
Any scorpions that are left inflict 1 Wound each, with no modifiers for Toughness or armour.
The scorpion swarm then scuttles away and this card is discarded.
Another Event occurs on a roll of 1-3

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