Dec 082011
Comic-style image representing the Warhammer Quest Dungeon Event - Trap! The Hungry Pit

Comic-style image representing the Warhammer Quest Dungeon Event - Trap! The Hungry PitThe floor beneath you gives way, pitching you down a sloped chute into the darkness. You roll out of the chute, hitting the floor badly, only to realise you are not alone down there. Shuffling, moaning sounds come from the twilight, and you are set upon by foul corpses, smelling of rot and decay…
Pick a Warrior Counter and place a pit marker on that square. Remove the Warrior from the board and place them on a spare standard room board section (like the Well of Doom). They immediately suffer the damage listed below. Once this is done, place the Monsters from the table below corresponding to the Dungeon Level. The Warrior may fight the Monsters and find treasure normally, but the Warriors outside of the pit are unable to influence events in the pit and likewise the Warrior in the pit is unable to influence events above ground. This include the use of spells and and magic items!
The Warrior may try and flee the pit at any time by climbing a few feet back up the chute and having a Warrior in an adjacent square to the pit marker throwing down a rope or using the Levitate spell. It takes one turn to leave the pit. If there are no Monsters left in the pit, then the Warrior in the pit may toss a rope up to the Warriors if he has one by passing an Initiative Test (7+), failure means that the Warrior must try again later.
If there are still Monsters in the pit, the Warrior may not toss up a rope, but may exit using a provided rope by first passing an Initiative Test (8+). A Warrior in the chute may not attack at all, and is at +1 to be hit by Monsters in the pit.

DL Damage Monsters
1(Novice) 1d3, no mods 1d3 Zombies
2-4 (Champion) 1d6, no mods 1d3 + 3 Zombies
5-8 (Hero)  1d3 Wights
9-10 (Lord)  1d3 + 3 Wights

Take a Treasure Card if the creatures in the pit are slain.

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